Marketing and web design for holiday homes.

When you have invested a lot of time and money to find the perfect holiday home for you and your family, you probably want to be sure that it will give you a return from holiday rentals. Holiday home marketing is a very competitive business and there are loads of websites out there all wanting to sell you advertising space.

This is a tricky decision to make, which one to go with, so you look at all the reviews you can find and see mainly negative ones for most websites. What you really need to do is check the search engine rankings of the website and the Alexa ranking because between these two you will know the page rank and importance of a website, and also the volume of traffic.

Unfortunately, not every site can give you this information and it needs a little learning time to understand the meanings of the figures and statistics.

So marketing a holiday home needs a lot of careful considerations to avoid wasting time and money. You have probably realised that having your own website is an important thing to have and as mentioned elsewhere on this site, it is possible to design your own using an on-line site-maker with control panel.

Sure…go ahead if you want to do that, it will teach you a few valuable lessons that you will be able to use again. Holiday home web design is my speciality so if you run into trouble then I would be pleased to step in and help finish the project.
The problem is that you need to be high in the search results. If you are not on the first three pages then you might never get any traffic.

This is where we come in. You have a beautiful website and no traffic. We will start working on a backlink campaign to get other websites linking with yours.Here is where you can see prices for backlink building.

Most people still think that you need reciprocal links to succeed…but that is not the case. You need one way links pointing to your site from a variety of sources. There are many ways to get backlinks and they include article marketing, blog comments and forums posts, but unless you have access to a lot of high quality websites that allow this type of linking the you will be facing a long struggle.

Another important fact to consider is the time involved in getting the backlink process perfect. The search engines prefer to see links accumulating naturally so if hundreds or thousands of new backlinks suddenly appear, that does not seems natural. The process used to build backlinks takes a few weeks to show real results and this is better for the ranking of the website.

You need good content on your pages containing the right words to get the best out of holiday home marketing and you need your images to be brilliant and eye-catching, but they must also have titles, descriptions and alt text.
You need keywords that apply to the property and the location and you need to use them a lot. These words will be the backbone of the links you will get because the text inside them needs to relate to important words on your website for the greatest effect and the most powerful boost to your ranking.

It’s quite easy if you know how, but it is not easy to get it right. That is why you need help marketing a holiday home because you do not want to make any mistakes with the marketing as it will waste a lot of precious time. Marketing your holiday home the right way is the only way.

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